than 56 inches whereas the mens balls have to bounce at a minimum of 49 inches but not more than 54 inches. In summary the women NCAA basketball player of course gets break with smaller, easier to handle, lighter, and "bouncier" balls than the men NCAA basketball player. I suppose this is to compensate for men being the stronger sex, with bigger hands, and therefore being better able than women to propel a heavier and larger spheroid to the hoop? However, as any guy knows, give a woman an inch or an ounce and they will take a foot. Read on! The three point field goal distance is shorter for women[2] One of the most easy to Bred 11s recognize differences between the men and womens NCAA basketball rules is the distance of the threepoint shot line from the basket.

According to the rules the distance for a three point field goal is measured from the center of the basket to the outside edge of the three point line on the court. The three point shot distance for women is 19 9" inches and for the men is 20 feet 9" inches. Yet, another break for the women. Women are permitted to be more fashionable[3] Here is one of the more obscure rules regarding permissible attire to be worn by the NCAA basketball player. Players, both women and men, are permitted to wear headbands. The color of the headbands must be a solid color of either the color of their jersey, white, or black. Jordan Spring However, in addition to these colors,

women Grape 5s only may wear a beige headband. The same rule applies to wrist bands. Say what? Does anyone feel that there might be a subtle implication here that buy jordans online men arent as fashion conscious as women; just give us men anything to wear and we will go out and play, we dont care if the colors match. On the flip side of stereotypes is the thought of the women players in the locker room debating "Why are we wearing the jersey color headband when the beige goes better with my hair color? " Women get more time at halftime in more circumstances[4] The standard intermission time at halftime lasts 1.